Writing Tips for Your Home Listing

Writing Tips for Your Home Listing

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Your home listing probably has some steep competition. Everyone’s looking to get the most attention from interested buys. So what do you do to pull ahead of the pack?

Check out these nine great tips for writing a memorable home listing and get started on yours right now.

Work with the Pros

One of the best things you can do is ask a professional to step in for help. That means hiring a realtor, a professional photographer and maybe even a writer.

Your realtor will help you decide what to put on your listing and what you should be focusing on. The photographer will help you make the most of your photographs, and the writer will help put everything together into an attractive listing. If you don’t feel confident, ask the pros for help.

Build a Shot List

When the photographer comes to your home, he or she is going to want to know how you want your home photographed. To help the process along, write down a list of shots that you want him or her to get. Walk around your house and look for the best angles that capture the beauty of your home.

Organize a Staging

Before the photographer gets started, you may want to stage your home first. This means clearing away any and all clutter as well as filling up empty rooms. Many viewers like to see how owners use the house’s space, so try to help buyers imagine themselves in your home.

Clean It Up

Before any photographs are taken, take the time to clean your home from the basement to the attic. Buyers don’t want to see your mess. They want to be wowed by your amazing photographs, not wondering why no one has done the dishes piling up in your sink. Scrub your house so those great pictures aren’t diminished.

Write with Honesty

If your house doesn’t have something, don’t pretend it does. If your home is a bit smaller, don’t try to make it look bigger with wide-angle shots. Buyers may feel cheated when they see your home, and they won’t want to make an offer.

Schedule Your Shoot for Sunset

When the sun hits your windows at just the right angle, your photographs will look fantastic. Sunset offers the best light for any home shoot, so schedule a time for your photographer to come over at sunset.

Take as Many Photos as You Want

Viewers love flipping through photos of homes online. You may come off as more trustworthy if you include many shots of your home (provided you disclose if you choose to use a wide angle). Most home listings should have at least 24 pictures, but it never hurts to add more if you have them.

Add a 3D Walkthrough

With today’s technology, you can take your buyers on a virtual tour of your home. This is a great way for buyers to imagine themselves living in your home, and it can help them visualize exactly where everything is. Consider working with an architect or a videographer.

Choose the Best Keywords

Keywords simplify the search process for buyers. When you use relevant keywords, you attract buyers who are looking for homes just like yours. Work with your writer to determine the best keywords and how to use them.

The best home listings combine all of these tips to build a winning strategy. Follow them and your viewers will be pleased.

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