4 Tips Every Homebuyer Needs

Posted by Michael Aldridge // December 12, 2018

Congratulations on your decision to purchase a home! Now that you have decided to buy a home, the hard work of becoming an informed homebuyer begins. Luckily for you, homebuyers today have more information than ever at their fingertips. These tools will help you in your quest to become an informed homebuyer. Start the Homebuyer […]

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Homes under $200k are like Unicorns, Flying Pigs & Sasquatch

Posted by Michael Aldridge // November 16, 2018

Homes under $200k are like Unicorns, Flying Pigs & Sasquatch I know what your thinking. I saw it… and now its GONE!  Ding, Ding, Ding,  You are correct !  Homes under $200,000 in the Phoenix Metro area do not last long. Like Sasquatch, you’ll see him for a fleeting moment, the twinkling of an eye […]

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Another Way of Selling Your House

Posted by Alona Mae // May 21, 2018

When it comes to sell your home, you have choices. Should you sell through a real estate agent? Should you sell on your own? Both might be viable options but while you can control without a agent you also gain more headaches or you can gain more visibility with an agent but lose control and […]

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House improvements to make before selling your house

Posted by Belen Aldridge // May 8, 2018

Considering to sell your house this summer to take advantage of the current market? Make sure you have these 3 improvements before selling it! 1. Clean and Paint the Exterior 2. Landscaping 3. Organize Interior Selling your house should be fast and stress-free, Pinnacle Properties can take the hassle out of the process. Why stress-out […]

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Inherited a House, what to do next?

Posted by Alona Mae // April 22, 2018

If you’ve inherited a house from a loved one and you’re planning to sell it, Pinnacle Properties can help. Inheriting a property can be a wonderful gift from a loved one who has passed on, but it can also be a costly burden. Selling may be a better option as it allows you to use […]

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Cash For Homes – Will I Get A Fair Price?

Posted by Belen Aldridge // April 12, 2018

If you need to sell your house fast, time and money are crucial factors. Pinnacle Properties is a professional home buying company that can close very quickly without listing your house, contingencies or waiting for months. At Pinnacle Properties, we can make sure every house seller we work with knows all of their options, and […]

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Foreclosure Effects to Sellers

Posted by Alona Mae // April 2, 2018

Losing your home? Getting a Bad Credit Rating? Stress? The process can be frustrating and time consuming, but Pinnacle Properties can help you navigate your different options. Experiencing foreclosure is a nightmare to any family regardless of the reasons why they are about to lose their home. If you’re thinking of finding a way to […]

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Less Home Selling Stress More Time for Happy Moments

Posted by Alona Mae // March 26, 2018

Living in a house but not your dream home? Many couples struggle balancing the stress of the new home buying experience while selling their current home. Pinnacle Properties can help you. Pinnacle Properties offer you fair market value on your current home to eliminate the selling stress of the entire process. Pinnacle Properties is dedicated […]

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Pinnacle Properties help buyers and sellers beat the stress on buying/selling your home

Posted by Belen Aldridge // March 11, 2018

Pinnacle Properties is bringing a stress-free home buying and selling experience. No need to worry about repairs and upgrades, inconvenience of showings, and long home selling process. Pinnacle Properties solves all these problems for sellers. We aim to make a fair-market value offer on your home. Let us do the work so you can move […]

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Selling your home to enter the next chapter in life can be Stress-Free

Posted by Alona Mae // March 1, 2018

Moving in together as a couple is one of the most exciting decisions. Keep stress out of the equation by working with Pinnacle Properties as we offer a direct home buyer experience. Plan your home sale to move into a new home with Pinnacle Properties. Plan your next move with certainty with Pinnacle Properties. For […]

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