Homebuyers: Write a Letter That the Sellers Will Love

Homebuyers: Write a Letter That the Sellers Will Love

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In competitive markets many homebuyers are encouraged to write a letter to the seller to include with their offer. This letter works to apply to the seller’s emotions to try to convince them to choose the homebuyers and their offer.

However, the seller could receive multiple other offers and letters, so you need to make sure that you letter stands out from the rest.

These tips for homebuyers will help you do just that.

Flatter the Seller

Start the letter by letting the seller know exactly what it is you love about their house. Don’t just talk about the house itself, but flatter the décor choices made by the seller or the landscaping that they have done.

However, make sure you are being authentic and genuine. No one likes fake flattery, so make sure your letter is not coming across over the top.

Keep it Simple

The seller can only remember so much from your letter. Pick a few points to focus on instead of listing everything that you want to mention.

Make Them Picture It

Write in a way that allows the seller to picture what you are saying. Include details and adjectives that create a mental image in the minds of the buyer. This will stick with the seller longer than simply words.

Keep Remodeling Plans Quiet

If you have plans to remodel if your offer is accepted, don’t include those plans in your letter. Sellers are emotionally attached to their home and hearing plans of major changes might make them upset.

Make the Seller Comfortable

Make the seller confident that you are stable and will be financially able to close on the deal. If they see you as more reliable homebuyers they will be likely to choose you over other sellers.

Be Humble

The seller is in control of your offer being accepting or not. Choose your words carefully and ask their blessing on the deal. Let them know that you would be truly grateful if they were to accept your offer.

This needs to be done differently than trying to close a business deal or land a job. Choose to be humble over confident.

Stay Upbeat

The seller does not want to hear your sob story. The home search process is a long one for many buyers and a letter to a seller is not the place to complain about how challenging it has been to find a house you like. Keep your letter upbeat and the focus on the house and why you have fallen in love with it.

Sum it Up

While you want to keep your letter on the shorter side, you still want to sum up the main points before you close it. Simply reiterate the reasons you have written the letter so it will be fresh on their minds.

When you are closing the letter make sure you thank the seller at the opportunity to look at the house and for their consideration of your offer. Kindness goes a long way in a letter to a seller. Do not forget to check your spelling and grammar before sending the letter out.

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