5 Features That Will Help Sell Your House Faster

5 Features That Will Help Sell Your House Faster

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The real estate world has been waiting for the millennial generation to finally decide to take the step of homeownership. This generation has been waiting longer than previous generations to jump into the market, but things are starting to change. Good news if you want to sell your house.

Millennials are starting to plan for buying a home and the majority of them are expected to enter the market in 2018. While they are interested in houses that range from 2,000 to 2,600 square feet, they are also looking for the following five features.

Consider the following as you prepare to sell your house.

  1. Deck

Millennials enjoy entertaining and are interested in buying houses that have spaces for outdoor entertainment. If you are building or refinishing your deck, using composite material appeals to buyers because of the low maintenance.

Buyers also like to see built in outdoor kitchens, pergolas and any other extras that put the deck over the top.

  1. Open Floor Plans

Many buyers are not interested in houses that have closed-off rooms for the main living areas. Buyers are looking for open floor plans. This style is better for people that enjoy entertaining and they help a house to have a lighter and airy feel to it.

If your house is closed off, consider having a wall or two removed to create an open floor plan. However, always check to make sure you are not removing a load-bearing wall.

  1. Gourmet Kitchens

Millennials have grown up watching home shows and they know exactly what they want in their gourmet kitchen. They will be looking for things like state-of-the-art appliances and granite countertops.

Kitchens that provide plenty of storage and islands with bar stool seating will appeal to millennials. Gas stovetops are popular among those that are looking for a gourmet kitchen.

If you can’t afford to give your kitchen an overhaul consider making cosmetic upgrades to things like tile backsplash, light fixtures and hardware.

  1. Gardens

Overall the millennial generation likes to eat organic and like the idea of growing their own fruit and vegetables. Having a beautiful and bountiful garden in your backyard can help sell your house to people that want to live this lifestyle.

If you have fruit trees that you have let go, take some time to prune them to help them appeal to buyers. If you have fruit or vegetables in season while you are trying to sell your house, leave a plate out for buyers to sample during the showing or open house.

  1. A Great View

Everyone would love to have a balcony with a great view. While you can’t create a good view if you don’t have one, you can spruce up your balcony. If you have the room consider adding some nice outdoor furniture and some plants or flowers.

While you can’t guarantee what generation the buyers will be from when you sell your house, the statistics are showing that millennials are gearing up to take over the real estate market. Overall, the majority of buyers are looking for the same features that this generation is looking for.

If you are getting ready to sell your house, consider making sure your house provides buyers with some of these items from their wish list.

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