4 Home Staging Tips to Get Your House Sold

4 Home Staging Tips to Get Your House Sold

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When it comes time to sell your house you want to take the extra steps necessary to help your house appeal to the potential buyer. This quick sale process can be helped along by using a solid home staging strategy.

Home staging is where you work to turn your house into a space that allows potential buyers to picture themselves living in. Whether you decide to pay a professional stager to assist you through the process or want to handle the work on your own, there are four areas that you need to keep in mind when home staging.

  1. See Through the Buyers Eyes

Take time to look through your house and find the areas that need to be de-cluttered. Look for items that need to be tossed, items that can be donated, or items that you don’t need in your house during the selling process.

The more “stuff” you are able to eliminate from your house the larger your rooms will appear and the less work you will have to do when it comes time to move. Remove your personal items, like children’s school photos, to create a house that buyers can imagine themselves living in.

  1. Make the Master Bedroom a Place of Comfort

The master bedroom is one of the rooms that help to sell homes. You will want to focus your home staging attention in this room.

Remove any excess furniture from the rom, aside from your bed, nightstands and dresser. Pack away your knick knacks and family photographs. Repaint the walls in light and relaxing colors and purchase new window treatments.

Make your closet appear larger by removing at least half of your clothing. Closets that are too full look smaller and leave buyers feeling like there is inadequate storage space.

  1. Clean and Fresh Bathrooms

When you are thinking about getting your bathroom ready to list your house, keep 5-star hotel bathrooms in mind. These bathrooms are typically white, updated, and thoroughly clean. This is how you want your bathroom to appear.

Take time to clean your bathrooms from top to bottom; don’t forget to clean the grout lines between the tiles. If you have outdated hardware, consider replacing them. Choose to replace your old medicine cabinet with a simple mirror hanging above the sink.

You want everything so clean that it sparkles before your listing photos are taken, as well as before every open house and showing.

  1. Clean Like You Have Never Cleaned Before

One of the best ways to make your house stand out is to make it clean. Hire a professional cleaning company to prepare your house to be listed, or take the time to clean your house from top to bottom in every room on your own.

Pay attention to the small details because the buyer will too. Don’t forget about the things like cleaning the inside and outside of the windows and the carpets. Take extra care to remove smells from cigarette smoke and/or pets as these are two scents that some people are very sensitive to.

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to have your house professionally staged in order to sell. Spend the time working through this list to get your house showing ready. Time spent cleaning and de-cluttering before a showing will never be time spent wasted.

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