7 Landscaping Tips that Help Your House Sell

7 Landscaping Tips that Help Your House Sell

Landscaping can either help or hurt the sale of your home. The way your house and yard look on the outside is one of the first things that potential buyers see. If you have poor landscaping in your listing photos and when buyers pull up in front of your house, many buyers will not even give your house a chance.

Homeowners want to feel proud of their house when they pull in their driveway, so you need to paint this picture for them as they view your house.

Follow these 7 landscaping tips to get the most out of your curb appeal.

  1. Have a Plan

Do not just plant trees, shrubs, and flowers around your yard without a plan. You want your entire yard to look like it belongs together and was planned with a purpose. If you are unsure how to make this happen, enlist the help of a landscape architect.

  1. Use Proper Spacing

When you are planting, remember not to overcrowd your flowerbeds. Pay attention to the spacing recommendations that come with the plants and keep in mind that it takes three years for plants to fill in all the way. Take the time to thin out any flowerbeds that have become too clustered and overcrowded.

  1. Watch the Zones

Certain plants grow better in certain locations. If you want to have landscaping that will survive and thrive in your yard you need to pay attention to the plant zones. You will ultimately be wasting your time and money by trying to work with plants that do not do well in your climate.

  1. Use a Variety

It is a common problem for homeowners to use their favorite plant throughout the whole yard. This will make your yard appear very monotone and boring to potential buyers.

You will also run into the problem of your yard only having flowering plants during one certain time of the year. You should use a variety of plants so you have something blooming in your flowerbeds all year long.

  1. Landscaping Maintenance

Once you have your yard landscaped make sure that you maintain it. Eliminate dead or dying plants from your yard will help to keep your curb appeal looking it’s best. If you allow dead plants to remain your whole landscaping will look like it is not being care for.

When your landscape is not cared for buyers will assume that you are neglecting taking care of the inside of the house as well.

  1. Weed Those Beds

Just like the above tip for removing dead and dying plants, make sure that you keep the weeds out of the beds. Allowing weeds to overgrow among your plants is another way to make buyers think that you are not taking care of your yard and house. The growth of weeds will also choke out your plants, causing them to die.

  1. Keep the Critters Away

Animals love to get into gardens and eat plants, small trees and flowers. Use fences and repellant spray to help keep the animals away.

The first thing potential homebuyers see is the exterior of your house. Use your curb appeal to give buyers a good first impression of your house. The little details count when it comes to boosting your landscaping and curb appeal.